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Scituate’s Economic Development Commission

Posted in Economic Development Commission on July 26, 2010 by Eric Mercer

A. Preliminary Statement

  1. Scituate reflects the general economic condition of cities and towns across Massachusetts. Contracting economies are reducing the wealth, both in households and local government, available to pay for goods and services.

  2. The community’s mission is two-fold: discourage Scituate dollars from leaving the community; and, attract as many dollars as possible from surrounding areas into the community. A central focus needs to be: business in Scituate is a zero-sum game and every dollar represents a victory or a loss in a contest with every surrounding town.

  3. Economic development needs to be a general community mission for three reasons:

     a.  As a general proposition, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

     b.  Robustness in the community tax base, local business community and consumer households are all inter-dependent.

     c.  A centerpiece for economic development in Scituate could be the Industrial and Development Commission.

B. Scituate’s Industrial and Development Commission

  1. Local Industrial and Development Commissions are statutory creatures (MGL Chp. 40, § 8A) and each community is authorized to have one. Scituate’s commission has been inactive for a number of years, but a plan is being a formulated to reestablish our local commission (“Scituate Commission”) as part of an over all plan of action to increase local wealth.

  2. First, plans for the Scituate Commission are fluid, a recognition that the process of developing the plan, in and of itself, will identify additional factors that deserve to be incorporated into the plan.

  3. By statute, the commission’s population starts at five (5), with the general charge to promote and develop Scituate’s “industrial” resources, by:

     a.  Conducting researches into industrial conditions.

     b.  Investigating and assisting in the establishment of educational or commercial projects, including projects involving private enterprise.

     c.  Co-ordinating the activities of unofficial bodies.

     d.  Conduct advertising, printing and distributing books, maps, charts and pamphlets.

     e.  Appointing clerks and other employees as may be required.

C. Missions for the Scituate Commission:

  1.  The Commission’s nonexclusive objectives are to enhance existing business, attract new business, encourage redevelopment and new development by:
  2. Attract new employers.
  3. Improve efficiency of existing businesses
  4. Improve the capture of dollars.
  5. Encourage formation new business.
  6. Enhance local capital formation.
  7. Tailor local land use regulation for business.
  8. Increase local aid and write grant applications.

D. Qualifications for Commission Members

  1. Potential members should have experience in:
  2. Economic Development Initiatives
  3. Business Planning Experience
  4. Marketing Experience
  5. Real Estate Development Experience
  6. Experience in Start-up Business
  7. Legal/government Relations
  8. Planning, Marketing, Research, Financial, Grant Writing