The Harbor Business Improvement District

What is a Business Improvement District

A BID is a special assessment district in which the property owners vote to initiate, manage and finance supplemental services or enhancements above and beyond those municipal services already provided.  The assessment is loaded only on property within the district and expanded within the district for a range of services and/or programs included in the BID Improvement Plan, such as marketing, maintenance and public safety.  This stable, local management structure provides a sustainable funding source for the revitalization and long-term maintenance of city/town centers, neighborhood commercial districts and even industrial areas.  BID’s attract residents, customers, clients, shoppers and other businesses.

What Are the Common Things That BID’s Do

▸    Special Events
▸    Public Relations
▸    Collaborative Marketing
▸    Promotional Print Materials
▸    Websites
▸    Holiday Lighting and Decorations
▸    Historic Tourism

▸    Streetscape Plantings/Trees/Windowboxes and Hanging Baskets
▸    Maintenance of Grass and Planting Beds
▸    Watering

Capital Improvements
▸    Wayfaring Signs
▸    Streetscape/Pedestrian/Traffic Calming Design Improvements
▸    Lighting
▸    Trash Receptacles
▸    Public Art
▸    Alleyway Design

Business Development
▸    Market Analyses
▸    Business and Retail Recruitment
▸    Merchandising Incentives and Outreach

▸    Street and Sidewalk Cleaning
▸    Graffiti and Gum Removal
▸    Spring Cleanups

Public Safety
▸    Public Safety Officers
▸    Visitor Assistance–Guide Programs
▸    Public Safety Information Networks
▸    Solicitation Deterrence Programs

Community Services
▸    Homeless Programs
▸    Youth and Student Programs
▸    Fund Raising

▸    Housing Development Incentive Programs
▸    Residential Services

Economic Development
▸    Own, Lease, Choir, Manage Real Estate
▸    Historic Preservation
▸    Infrastructure Enhancements
▸    Facade Grant Programs

▸    Advocacy for Zoning
▸    Community Planning
Parking Facilities


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